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Plane pulling, partnerships, and profound appreciation

Updated: May 1

Inflight team at 2023 Sun Country Airlines Plane pull

This past Tuesday was more than just another day on the calendar for us at Sun Country. It was a day of celebration and giving, where we took a moment to appreciate our employees for their unwavering dedication and also rallied to raise funds for a noble cause – our friends at Make-A-Wish Minnesota. Here is how we celebrated:

Teams from across Sun Country and our partner organizations formed a total of 20 impressive squads, gathering over 400 enthusiastic participants. Their mission? To drag a mammoth 100,000+ pound aircraft across a finish line and claim the coveted title of the year's winner and the even more coveted trophy.

So, which team earned the year's bragging rights? The crown was rightfully seized by the spirited Fulton Brewing squad. Hot on their heels were our talented Pilots, and stamping their mark in third place was the robust T2 Ramp team. Congratulations to all the participants!

Our Executive Leadership Team led the fundraising charge, raising a whopping $17,650 and counting! In total, we amassed $81,745 (and the number is still climbing) for Make-A-Wish Minnesota – a cause always near and dear to our hearts. This means countless dreams and wishes will soon be fulfilled.

Our deepest gratitude goes out to every employee, partner, and participant who contributed to making this day remarkable. Your combined spirit and dedication not only help realize the dreams of children at Make-A-Wish but also define who we are at Sun Country.

2023 Sun Country plane pull


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