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Do Good Points: Connecting individuals to impactful nonprofits

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We asked Andy Choi, founder and CEO of Do Good Points, to give us a little insight into the creation of Do Good Points, their mission, and our partnership. Learn about how the company is fostering meaningful connections and driving positive change to do good. 

Andy Choi, Founder and CEO Do Good Points
Andy Choi, Founder and CEO, Do Good Points

Could you tell us about the work your organization does?

Do Good Points is unique in the landscape of social enterprises, blending the heart of a 501(c)(3) foundation with the innovation of a technology company. At our core, we're a foundation dedicated to uplifting the nonprofit industry. We tackle a range of challenges by building technology, creating business programs, developing partnerships, and launching digital experiences and marketing campaigns. Our ultimate goal is to enhance exposure, awareness of causes, fundraising, and engagement for nonprofits, especially in reaching new audiences and the next generation of do-gooders. 

Andy Choi standing with his employees

What inspired the creation of Do Good Points, and how has it evolved? 

How can someone contribute to the Minnesota Fund or other Sun Country campaigns?

What are your goals and aspirations for Do Good Points? 

How does Do Good Points benefit from its partnership with Sun Country Airlines?


Looking for a way to support local non-profits doing good in our own community? Check out Sun Country’s Do Good Fund: Minnesota


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