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Insider insights: Tips for holiday travel

Family at the airport in Minneapolis, St. Paul.

Large crowds are expected at airports around the country during Thanksgiving week and in December as we get closer to the holidays. While most travelers are headed home to see friends and family, some use long weekends as a break, and some lucky folks escape to warmer climates. During busy holiday weeks, Sun Country travelers can expect full planes. The most popular destinations for travel this time of year are Las Vegas, Fort Myers, Phoenix,

Orlando, Las Angeles, and San Francisco.

To smooth your way, we want to help you prepare:

  • Check in online up to 24 hours before your trip. Download your boarding pass to your phone’s wallet. Make sure you have your ID or passport on you.

  • Plan ahead:Decide whether you are checking bags or carrying on bag before you leave, avoiding any last-minute changes at the airport.

  • If you are carrying on only, you can proceed directly to the TSA line.

  • Buy tickets early: There is more demand than capacity. Buying your tickets early gives you peace of mind and a shot at the best prices.

  • Arrive at the airport at least three hours before your flight: Like other parts of our economy, workforce shortages throughout the air travel system may impact customers.

  • Anticipate lengthy security lines and full planes: Consider purchasing priority boarding on for saving time at security

  • Check the weather: Customers should be aware that weather in other locations of the country can impact departures and arrivals at MSP, and FAA air traffic control decisions can impact travelers across the country.

  • Finally, pack your patience! By getting to the airport early, it will reduce the stress of the check-in and security lines. You’ll have time to buy coffee or fill your water bottle or just relax with your book.

“We’re seeing extraordinary demand from travelers who are eager to reconnect with loved ones during the holiday season,” says Greg Mays, Chief Operating Officer at Sun Country. “Our goal at Sun Country is to provide the best travel experience possible for our guests so they can focus on creating lasting memories.”

Sun Country employees are preparing to make the travel experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible for all passengers, many of whom will be visiting family and friends throughout the season. For additional travel tips like how to travel with a toddler or insider tips from a ticket counter agent, visit the Travel Experience section of the Stories by Sun Country page.

Ready to reconnect with family and friends over the holidays?


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