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Insider insights: MSP Airport travel tips from a Sun Country Ticket Counter Agent

Sun Country Ticket Counter employee Andrea at MSP T2 Airport

Travel is exciting, offering the opportunity to connect with our favorite people, places, and memories. And Sun Country wants to help you get your trip off on the right foot. We love our home at Terminal 2 at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and we’ve asked one of our airport employee team members to share some valuable expertise. We sat down with Andrea, a Sun Country Ticket Counter Lead, to gain insider advice on the best ways to navigate MSP’s T2 to make your travel experience as seamless as possible.

Arrive early

Just like a Midwestern dad would do, get your family to the airport with plenty of time to check bags and make it through the security line without stress. Andrea recommends arriving two to three hours prior to boarding time or, more than three hours early for international travel. This is especially important during peak travel times, such as holidays and spring break. There is nothing more stressful than having to wait in long lines while running late, so give yourself extra time. “Having extra time at the airport can make or break your trip. Having ample time to get through security, use the restroom, and grab a bite to eat before boarding will allow for a stress-free start to your vacation,” says Andrea on timeliness at the airport.

Tip: Check out security wait times with this link before you arrive at MSP.

Oh! And have you heard? A new pilot program for all passengers flying out of Terminal 2 of the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) could save you ample time at the airport. MSP RESERVE is an optional and free service that allows you to reserve a specific time at the TSA Security Checkpoint screening area. Pack smart Smart packing can ease a lot of the stress of traveling. Here are a few of Andrea’s suggestions:

  1. To get the best price on your bags and avoid having to pay additional fees at the airport, purchase the bag options that are best for you at the time of booking.

  2. Make sure to weigh your checked bags prior to getting to the airport. Sun Country’s checked bag weight limit is 50 pounds. If your bag is overweight, additional fees will apply at the airport, so we encourage being as prepared as possible.

  3. Make sure all medications, laptops, anything with lithium batteries, and all critical items are packed in your carry-on bag.

  4. If you are checking a bag, Andrea says to “make sure to pack anything that isn't TSA-approved into your checked bags. Bags can't be retrieved by our agents after they have been tagged and sent past the ticket counter." See TSA prohibited items here.

Be Prepared Preparing for travel can make all the difference when you get to the airport. Andrea recommends having all your pertinent travel documents (IDs, passports, and flight confirmation codes) ready and available while navigating the airport, so you are not taking time digging through your bags or wallet. She also suggests that before international travel, check to make sure your passport is up to date and does not expire during your trip.

Our best advice is to renew early, passport processing times are lengthy, and some countries deny entry if your passport expires in less than 6 months. Note that passport cards are not accepted for international flying (passport cards are only good for land and sea travel). She also warns future travelers that passports and IDs must be in good condition. Passports or IDs with stains, rips, or holes could be considered invalid.

Andrea advises that if your seating arrangement is important to you and your travel companions, pre-buy your seats. If you elect not to pay for seats, ones will be assigned to you at random and finding seats next to each other is not necessarily a guarantee.

Monitor your email

“The most common type of communication to our travelers will be through their email” Andrea advises. When purchasing your tickets, make sure that we have your correct email address on file, and that you monitor your email up to and during your trip. Sun Country will email you for important updates like gate changes or in the unlikely event of flight delays or cancellations.

Tip: Now you can also opt into SMS messages, which provide you with a text message if there is a time change on your flight prior to departure.

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