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Top reasons to travel to Minnesota this fall

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Banning State Park in fall
Banning State Park

Today marks the first day of fall, and as the crisp Minnesotan air begins to blanket the landscape, we’re here to remind you of the magic that awaits in our very own Land of 10,000 Lakes. Whether you're a leaf peeper, an apple orchard enthusiast, or someone who just wants to wrap up in a warm flannel and savor a pumpkin spice latte, Minnesota in the fall is where you ought to be. And who better to get you there than us - your friendly neighborhood airline!

Fall colors to marvel at:

Minnesota, renowned for its pristine lakes, also boasts some of the most stunning fall foliage in the country. Take a walk through Cascade River State Park as the leaves paint a masterpiece or drive down the iconic Highway 61 for a scenic experience you'll never forget.

Cascade River State Park
Cascade River State Park

A taste of Minnesotan charm:

Venture to Stillwater or Duluth for small-town charm complemented by the tapestry of fall colors. Pop into local eateries and savor a bowl of Minnesota's famous wild rice soup, or swing by one of our cozy cafes for a hot apple cider to keep the chill at bay. Oh, ya betcha, it's tasty!

Cider in the fall in northern MN

Harvest festivities:

Dive headfirst into the harvest season with apple picking at one of our many orchards, and don't forget to try out some delicious apple fritters or pies. For those seeking a bit of a thrill, our local corn mazes and haunted hayrides won't disappoint.

Severs Corn Maze
Severs Corn Maze

Fall festivals:

From the Fulton Brewing Oktoberfest celebration to the Scarecrow Festival in Mahnomen, the fall spirit is alive and well in Minnesota. These gatherings are an epitome of Minnesotan hospitality and warmth, with plenty of laughter, food, and memories to be made.

Fulton Brewing Oktoberfest
Fulton Brewing Oktoberfest

For those who've never had the privilege of a Minnesotan autumn, let Sun Country be your guide. And for our regulars, well, you know just how special this season is in our lovely state. Our friendly crews, affordable fares, and the ever-present Minnesotan charm make us the perfect choice to be your autumnal wingman.

So, throw on your favorite sweater and head North! 🍂✈️


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