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The Caribbean is calling: St. Maarten beckons

Updated: Jan 5

Couple jet skiing in St. Maarten

Let us whisk you away to St. Maarten, the jewel of the Caribbean and a destination that should be at the top of every traveler's bucket list. Below are our suggestions on what to do on the island.

Discover golden sands 

St. Maarten’s flight path makes for a great photo from the beach. Sun Country Airlines plane flies right over Maho Beach upon arrival.
St. Maarten’s flight path makes for a great photo from the beach. Sun Country Airlines plane flies right over Maho Beach upon arrival on January 20, 2006.

Now, let's talk about the obvious – St. Maarten boasts some of the most breathtaking beaches you'll ever lay eyes on. Imagine soft, golden sands, crystal-clear waters, and a gentle breeze that takes your stress away. Whether you like to bathe in the sun or prefer a stroll along the shore, you’ll want to spend your days on St. Maarten's beaches. 

We recommend checking out Maho Beach, Simpson Bay Beach, and Orient Bay Beach

Immerse yourself in the Caribbean Sea 

Crystal blue waters in St. Maarten

For the water enthusiasts among us, St. Maarten’s crystal-clear waters are an aquatic playground. Check out activities like snorkeling, parasailing, sailing, surfing, diving, and even try your hand at deep-sea fishing. The underwater world here is mesmerizing. 

We recommend checking the official tourism board of St. Maarten at

Explore Loterie Farm 

Caption: Photo credit to Loterie Farm 

A visit to Loterie Farm is a must for nature lovers. Traverse through lush landscapes, uncover hidden trails, and discover treetop adventures. For those seeking panoramic views, a hike to Pic Paradise, the highest point on St. Maarten offers the best views on the island. 

Looking for more outdoor escapades? Check out this guide for additional adventures you can enjoy in St. Maarten.  

Indulge in local delights 

St. Maarten isn't just about the scenery. It's a foodie's paradise too. Treat your taste buds to freshly caught seafood, savor delightful pastries like the locals' favorite Johnny Cakes, and quench your thirst with refreshing tropical drinks. 

Bump out treatment): We recommend checking out SkipJack's for seafood, Carousel Gelateria for a sweet treat, and the Sunset Bar & Grill for a laid-back beachfront dining experience. 

Why wait any longer? St. Maarten is extending a warm invitation, and now's your moment to accept. Get To Going. 



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