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Sun Country’s annual national aviation day celebration

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Sun Country Airlines employees during Aviation Day

Every year, National Aviation Day provides an opportunity for aviation enthusiasts to recognize and celebrate the history and advancements of flight. This year, Sun Country Airlines marked its annual celebration by offering employees an insightful look into three areas of operations in the airline. Employee volunteers organized a series of informative tours, allowing colleagues from across the organization to explore areas beyond their daily responsibilities.

A highlight was the in-depth tour of the System Operations Control (SOC), led by our Senior Director of the SOC. Employees were given a rare peek behind the curtain, shedding light on the meticulous coordination and planning involved in making every flight a smooth experience for our passengers. Following this, the Commissary department showcased the dedicated planning required to stock each flight with necessary materials.

Our Chief Pilot’s Office then took the lead in presenting a thorough tour of one of our aircraft. More than a mere stroll down the aisles, this tour dove into the complexities and marvels of our aircraft engineering.

Finally, a visit to the maintenance hangar gave employees a first-hand look at the maintenance processes that ensure the safety and reliability of our fleet. Every bolt, wire, and wing received its due attention, as participants were educated on the tireless efforts of our maintenance crew.

This event, now in its third year, stands testament to Sun Country Airlines' commitment to fostering an informed and cohesive team. Employees from different departments had the chance to not only learn more about aviation but also to appreciate the roles of their colleagues in ensuring the airline's success.

In celebrating National Aviation Day, Sun Country Airlines highlights both its dedication to the aviation industry and the unity of its team. This annual event continues to be a beacon of knowledge-sharing and collaboration for the entire organization.

Sun Country Airlines employees during Aviation Day


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