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Skyward bound: Exploring aviation history

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Dad and child playing with orange plane outside

What better way to proclaim your love of all things aviation by exploring some of the nation's best aviation museums and site ? Let's take you on a journey through some of the exciting destinations where you can indulge your passion for flight:

Washington, DC - National Air & Space Museum

A visit to the iconic National Air & Space Museum is like walking through the annals of aviation history. Marvel at the Wright Brothers' plane, touch a piece of moon rock, and let your imagination fly into the cosmos in the Albert Einstein Planetarium.

New York, New York - Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum

As you touchdown at JFK, gear up to step aboard the legendary aircraft carrier Intrepid. The Sea, Air & Space Museum here offers a unique exploration of aviation, maritime, and space history all under one roof.

Melbourne, Florida - Space Coast

Dad and daughter holding hands and looking at a rocket at the Kennedy Space Center

Florida's Space Coast, home to the Kennedy Space Center, is a must-visit for all aviation and space enthusiasts.

Seattle, Washington - Boeing & the Museum of Flight

Flying into Seattle, you'll be welcomed by the home of Boeing and the Museum of Flight. Discover the story of human flight, from pioneering wood-and-fabric airplanes to the sleek, modern jets of today.

Tucson, Arizona - Pima Air & Space Museum / AZ Commemorative Air Force Museum

Image of the Pima Air & Space Musem

Arizona boasts two captivating flight museums - the Pima Air & Space Museum and the AZ Commemorative Air Force Museum. Learn about military aviation history and walk among planes that have marked significant moments in our shared sky-bound journey.

Colorado Springs, Colorado - Air Force Academy

Image of the chapel at the U.S. Air Force Academy

When you fly with us to Colorado Springs, a trip to the U.S. Air Force Academy awaits. The awe-inspiring architecture, the Chapel, and the state-of-the-art facilities make for an unforgettable trip.

Kansas City, Missouri - Kansas Aviation Museum

While a little further afield from Kansas City, the Kansas Aviation Museum is well worth the journey. Showcasing Kansas' rich aviation history, it's a tribute to the pioneers of flight.

Our commitment to providing friendly, affordable, and reliable service will ensure your aviation-inspired journey is one you'll treasure forever. So, strap in, buckle up, and let Sun Country take you on a remarkable aviation journey!



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