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Sisters in the flight deck: Get to know our pilots, Brianna and Laura

Updated: Jun 13

We’re having double the fun spotlighting two of our captains, twin sisters Brianna and Laura. As pilots for Sun Country Airlines, these two have become role models for the next generation of aspiring women aviators.  

For as long as they can remember, Brianna and Laura have done everything together. While neither of them can recall whose idea it was originally to attend flight school and pursue a career in aviation, there was never any question that they would do it together. Brianna and Laura have navigated their careers side by side every step of the way – from their first lessons in a Cessna 172 at their local airport, to flight school at the University of North Dakota, to their first day as first officers with us, and ultimately to being promoted to captains in 2020.  

Brianna and Laura as babies and today, as captains for Sun Country 

Because they’re the same rank, you won’t find them seated in the flight deck together on the same flight, but they enjoy having the shared experience of doing the same job and working for the same company. For Laura, the interesting and dynamic flying opportunities are what she especially appreciates about Sun Country. “One of the things I really like is the diversity of our flying. One trip you might be doing all scheduled passenger service to some place in the Caribbean or Mexico. And then the next trip you might be flying cargo packages, or you might be doing a charter trip flying sports teams.”  

Brianna adds that the airline offers a strong sense of support and connection among pilots that sets it apart. “The Chief Pilot Office here is definitely different than other airlines. They know everybody and you know they’re going to have your back and support you. I really love Sun Country because it’s such a tight-knit group of pilots and people.”  

As a part of that tight-knit group, Brianna and Laura are always willing to share their time and give back to the community. Volunteering with our partners at STARBASE Minnesota has been one of their favorite opportunities – encouraging today’s youth to explore the possibilities of a future career in aviation. Laura shared that they’ve gone into local schools and worked with 5th and 6th graders to show them how they apply STEM principles on the job as pilots. “We show them how we use our iPads for work. They get really excited.” 


Brianna and Laura supporting STARBASE Minnesota’s STEM in the Workplace program 

They’ve also attended several recruiting events, inspiring the next generation of Sun Country pilots. Girls in Aviation Day is one event they always try to attend. Laura describes it as an opportunity for anyone in the community – and especially for young girls – to be able to meet and talk to women that have jobs in the industry, helping them see a place for themselves in aviation.  

Laura at 2023 Girls in Aviation Day 

Reflecting on their journey, Brianna had this advice for those just starting out, or thinking about the possibility of a career in aviation. “I would say to keep going. There are definitely ups and downs, like with any training or any job. You might hit a point where you’re thinking ‘What am I doing? This is too hard.’ But just keep going because you’re going to hit another high. Today, I’m in an amazing job where I get to travel all over, to places I never would have gone. It’s really fun.” 

By sharing their story and giving back to the community, Brianna and Laura are paving the way for more inspiring women, like themselves, to pursue a career on the flight deck.  

Want to learn more about becoming a pilot at Sun Country? Check out our website. 


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