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New look, same great service: Our agents get new uniforms

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Folks flying with us know they can expect smiling faces behind the ticket counter or at the gate just before they depart to their favorite vacation destination. Now, those same guests can expect to see those smiling faces in a consistent set of blue tops thanks to new uniforms.

Sun Country Airlines employees at Terminal 2 MSP airport

Everyone feels better when they’re wearing something they love. Whether it increases your comfort level or gives you a little more confidence which extends to all those around you. After all, confidence can be contagious in the same way a positive attitude and smile can brighten a day. That’s a large part of the reason our employees are getting new uniforms. Not only will it create a more cohesive look for our brand at the airport but, more importantly, it offers our employees more choices in fit and style allowing them to look and feel their best while at work.

Next time you’re at the airport, you’ll see our agents sporting blue tops with the Sun Country logo. Employees will have the option of wearing various styles of polo shirts, quarter-zip sweaters, jackets, and more in addition to winter gear in the chilly months. This new look will help guests more easily identify Sun Country employees when they have questions or need assistance.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to fly in comfort or high fashion. We hope you’re ready to fly with confidence the next time we see you at Terminal 2.

Ready to fly with style?


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