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Navigating the frontlines: Tracy’s journey as a customer service agent

Sun Country Airlines employee Tracy at MSP terminal 2 airport

Meet Tracy, one of our customer service agents who has been with us since September 2021. We’re excited to share more about Tracy, including why she loves being the first point of contact for guests. 

Meeting new people

Formerly a Business and Marketing Manager at 3M, Tracy decided to step away from that career to focus on raising her family. When her eldest graduated high school and chose a college far away, Tracy knew she wanted to figure out how to fly back and forth to visit without spending thousands.

“At the time, Sun Country was just coming off the pandemic and hiring a lot of people. I wanted something part-time, and I love the travel industry,” Tracy said. The opportunity to work as part of our airport customer service team at MSP Airport at Terminal 2 was the right fit at the right time.

“I prefer the customer facing role, and I love meeting our passengers. Every day I'm at the airport I meet thousands of new people, and I love having that opportunity to make their experience with Sun Country a positive one.”


Being a part of the team

Working at the terminal, Tracy and the rest of the team are responsible for all aspects of customer service at the airport, including working the ticket counter, helping people check- in, checking their bags, and helping push flights away from the gate to get guests on their way.


“When we're trying to push a flight, it's important that we stay connected with multiple teams, such as ramp, flight crews, the ACC (Airport Control Center), catering, and maintenance. We're all communicating for one goal, to get our passengers and our planes out safely and on time”

She also explains that it's important to build relationships with the other areas of the operation, something that is a little easier at a smaller airline like ours. “I like to know the names of the flight attendants and the ramp crew. It’s not just a random person, I know who they are.”

Learning new things

After being in the aviation industry for two years, Tracy says she still learns something new every day. Her best advice for anyone wanting to get into the aviation industry at any level is to “learn as much as you can, not just about your role, but the industry as a whole. It's really fascinating and there's so much to learn.”

She also stresses that aviation is a, “24/7 business and you’ll need to be flexible and open minded, because it's not like things are going in a straight line and happen perfectly every day.” Tracy says that’s one of her favorite aspects, she loves that every day is different, and you’ll never know what you get.


Making a difference

At the end of the day, the connections Tracy makes with travelers is what she enjoys most. She has plenty of customer stories that have stuck with her over the years. Tracy said, “I like getting to know the passengers, knowing that they're human. Having that human interaction with me versus just, oh, you are number 48, let me have your boarding pass. Making that eye contact and connection to let everybody know that I'm glad that they're here.”


Tracy also explained that it’s easy to focus on the good things with Sun Country when, “a majority of our passengers are going on vacation, whether they're going to Mexico or going to their family’s favorite theme park. Everyone's excited to go on vacation.” Tracy is always trying to find the positives in each interaction with the folks that come through Terminal 2.

“When I meet an aircraft coming in, I open the doors and people start coming out and I say welcome to Minnesota, welcome home, did you have a good trip? Having those conversations and seeing their faces. I always say my name is Tracy, I'm so glad you've chosen Sun Country. And I hope they know that I mean that.”

If Tracy’s experience sounds like the type of career you’d like to explore, learn more about job opportunities at Sun Country.


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