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Long-distance love: Austin and Beth's story

Austin and Beth hiking

From an international encounter in Italy to reconnecting in Colorado, Austin and Beth's story has a strong tie to travel. Despite some of the challenges that can come with long-distance relationships, they were able to thrive thanks in part to one of our regular routes. 

Austin's love story began in 2019 when he met his girlfriend, Beth, while stationed in Italy. Despite the distance, their connection endured. "Beth and I spent two unforgettable months together in Italy before she had to return to school in the States," recalls Austin.   


 When Austin was stationed in Colorado Springs, Colorado, four years later, Beth, who is from the Twin Cities, decided to visit. That's when Sun Country entered the picture. 

Austin and Beth in Colorado

"Being from the Twin Cities, Beth was aware of the affordable prices offered by Sun Country," Austin shares. "To our surprise, we found an extremely convenient weekly flight directly to the Colorado Springs airport from Minneapolis, making it much easier to spend time with each other."  

Their travels included a total of 26 flights between the Colorado Springs/Denver, and Minneapolis-St. Paul airports. "Sun Country was an irreplaceable factor of our success story," Austin acknowledges. "We truly can't express how much Sun Country has made our relationship that much better." 

The convenience of our nonstop flights also allowed Austin to form meaningful relationships with Beth's friends and family despite the 700-mile distance. Almost a year after their relationship began, Beth is moving to Colorado full time to be with Austin. “Beth is more confident in moving across the country because of how easy Sun Country makes it to travel back to Minnesota or for her friends to visit us here,” Austin shared.  

As an active-duty Army member, Austin recognizes the importance of our reliable and affordable flight schedules in making his long-distance relationship work. "Moving will not stop our loyalty to Sun Country," he affirms. "We will continue to travel back and forth between the two states and recommend Sun Country to our friends as they visit and travel." 

We are honored to be a thread that brings people together, making journeys memorable and relationships stronger. Thank you, Austin, for allowing us to be a part of your love story and for your service to our country.  

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