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Lindsay Dunham, returns to flying duties as Captain

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Sun Country Airlines System Chief Pilot on airplane

Lindsay Dunham, who has served as the System Chief Pilot of Sun Country since June 2022, will be stepping away from this role and returning to the line as a pilot for Sun Country effective June 17. While she is leaving this management position, we are happy to report she is not leaving our pilot team.

Lindsay has worked in the Chief Pilot’s Office for five years, starting as a Flight Operations Manager. She has been dedicated and committed to serving our pilots. She has been a true professional and exceptional leader of our pilots in some very challenging times, including a pandemic, transformation of the airline with new executive leadership, and growth both in the number of flights and the number of pilots.

"I want to thank Lindsay for her contributions to our Flight Ops leadership team over the past five years," said CEO Jude Bricker. "She has guided our pilots through some of the toughest challenges the industry - and our airline - have ever faced. Her experience and leadership have helped strengthen our pilot team, paving the way for Sun Country to grow and evolve. I am thrilled that Lindsay is staying at Sun Country and returning to flying."

“It has been a great pleasure to work with Lindsay the past four years that I’ve been with Sun Country,” said COO Greg Mays. “I appreciate the work she has done on behalf of our pilots. She is a true professional and an authentic and caring leader. I’m so pleased that I will continue to be able to work with her as she represents Sun Country on the flight deck and in front of our customers.”


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