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Insider insights: Accessories to elevate your upcoming resort vacation

Beach bag and chair watching the ocean

We all know packing can be stressful, especially when trying to create the perfect vacation vibe. That’s why I’ve come up with a list to help you unwind in style.  

Whether you are packing them in your checked bag or purchasing them at the resort gift shop, here’s what I recommend to enhance your next resort experience: 

  • Towel Clips – Keep your towel secured to your chair with colorful clips that prevent it from falling, sagging, or blowing away. Small and lightweight, you can easily toss them in your bag before you head out. 


  • Inflatables – Lounge in style with the ultimate relaxation tool. We recommend one that can easily be inflated without a pump.  


  • Insulated Drink Container or Koozie – What's more refreshing than a cold drink on a hot day? Keep your drink from the swim-up bar cool with your own insulated cup.  


  • Dry Bag/Waterproof Pouch – Water sports are more fun when you know your phone and keys are dry and secure. Grab a waterproof bag so you can ride the waves without worry. 


  • Beach Bag – Store everything you need for a day at the beach in an oversized bag with enough room for a towel and all your accessories. Opt for a mesh and straw bag that allows good ventilation to keep items dry and cool.   

Remember these essentials during your next resort stay, and you’ll be the envy of everyone at the pool. 

Browse our vacation packages now and start planning your next getaway in style! 



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