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Insider insights: 12 Essential summer travel tips from a Customer Service agent

MSP Terminal 2 Airport

Whether you’re flying for vacation, a wedding, your cousin’s graduation, or summer holidays, the summer travel season at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, Terminal 2, can be BUSY. After almost 4 years with Sun Country, I’ve done lots of summer travel. And you’re in luck - I’ve got some tips that are sure to make your next Sun Country Airlines trip as smooth as possible, so keep reading! 

Molly standing in a engine at Sun Country Airlines

Our customer service team helped me put together travel tips.  These come from our own flying experiences and things we’ve picked up from customers over the years. From snack packing to buying new luggage, we’ve got you covered. 

  1. Double check your confirmation email before you book any activities, car rentals or hotels, to make sure you have the right dates and arrival times. 

  2. If you are traveling internationally, make sure your passport is up to date and valid for six months beyond your travel dates. Visit the State Department website for travel requirements well before departure. 

  3. If you are not traveling with a checked bag, find a refillable or small bottle of sunscreen (max 3 oz). You can throw it right in your clear quart-size bag with other [3oz] liquids. By the time I remember to grab sunscreen in-destination, I’m usually sunburned. Alternatively, bring a hat! 

  4. Check TSA's What Can I Bring list before you pack for your trip to avoid surprises at TSA security checkpoints. 

  5. If you buy new luggage for your trip, measure it before you head to the airport! While you’re shopping for luggage, make sure it's easy to spot or grab a fun bag tag for easy ID at the carousel. Check our baggage policy to make sure everything fits.  

  6. A beach towel fits easily in a checked bag; fold it in half a couple times and lay it flat. 

  7. The shoes you travel in can make or break a trip. Wear tennis shoes to the airport!  

  8. Check-in online and if you are traveling with carry-on luggage go straight to security and bypass the ticket counter. 

  9. If you don’t have TSA PreCheck, try MSP Reserve and schedule an appointment for security clearance at Terminal 2. This can save a lot of time waiting in line. 

  10. Use a dedicated “tech bag” for any electronics. This will save you time at security. (Don’t forget any chargers!) You may also want to throw snacks in here for easy access at the airport or during the flight. 

  11. Summer weather can often be unpredictable. I try to travel with at least one item that has a hood or long sleeves, no matter the season. 

  12. Check your seating area before you deboard. Make sure you have all your belongings; everyone is rushing to their destination and things can get left behind. 

Everyone has their travel rituals, hopefully sharing ours makes your trip a little smoother. Can’t wait to see you onboard! 

If you haven’t booked your trip yet, there are plenty of summer cities waiting to welcome you!


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