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Honoring heroes: A call to support our veterans

Veteran’s Day is a time to express profound appreciation for the brave individuals who have served our nation. They've sacrificed much for our freedom, and it's always our privilege to have them onboard. Twice a year, for over a decade, we have also proudly transported World War II, Korean War, and Vietnam veterans to Washington, D.C., where they visit memorials that stand as a testament to their time of service. These trips are organized by Honor Flight Twin Cities to create opportunities for veterans to reflect on their service and for us to recognize and honor them.

These are trips of a lifetime for veterans. From the warm welcome veterans receive at Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport to the meaningful moments they experience at the memorials, and interactions with fellow Americans -- every step of this journey is significant.

Two remarkable individuals, Jerry and Jana Kyser, founded the Honor Flight Twin Cities organization in 2008. Jerry's inspiration came from his own family: his father, a World War II veteran, and his mother, a World War II Red Cross Nurse, instilled in him the importance of giving back to the community of people who have served our country. The Kysers were connected to Sun Country Airlines through a past employee.

The biggest inspiration for these trips are the veterans themselves. Virgil Beck, a Korean War veteran, was Honor Flight Twin Cities' first Korean War participant. Beck is not only a decorated service member but also a champion for the cause. He actively helps to spread the word about Honor Flights around his care center and encourages fellow veterans to experience the trip. When asking Virgil how serving has shaped his perspective on life, he responded with, ‘life is short, and I will always appreciate our freedom.’

In addition to supporting Honor Flight Twin Cities, we are also proud to fly Honor Flight Network trips from around the country.

“Our charter team, pilots and flight attendants all find these flights to be extremely moving,” said Jude Bricker, Sun Country CEO. “It is very rewarding work to meet these veterans on what is a very important trip for them to Washington to be recognized and appreciated for their service.”

We extend our sincere appreciation to all veterans for their service to our nation. Your contributions have made a lasting impact, and we are grateful for your sacrifices. We'd also like to express our gratitude to Honor Flight Twin Cities for their work and the dedicated individuals who make it all happen.

Together, we honor and support our veterans, including those unsung, reluctant heroes who have quietly served our country. Thank you for your service and commitment.

Learn more about Honor Flight Twin Cities and consider donating to help the organization continue to honor and support those who have given so much for our nation.


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