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Gulp Coast brewery tour: St. Pete, Florida

Updated: Mar 6

Flight of beers from St. Pete Brewing Company

In addition to sunshine, sand, and sea views, a vacation to St. Pete, Florida also offers an absolute wealth of craft beer to sample. In fact, the St. Pete-Clearwater area has even earned itself the nickname “The Gulp Coast” with more than 35 microbreweries dotting the region. With that many options, deciding where to start can be a bit of a challenge, so I compiled my sampler list from a recent trip to help get you started.

Green Bench Brewing Co.

Sign on a wall on the patio at Green Bench Brewing in St. Pete, Florida

Green Bench Brewing Co. is another one of St. Pete’s O.G.s and stakes the claim as the first microbrewery in the city. Known for a vast selection of hop-forward IPAs and sours, the menu is full of juicy, highly drinkable options. The inside of the taproom is small and cozy, and the outdoor space is perfect for spreading out and lounging.

3 Daughters Brewing

Bartender pouring tap beer at 3 Daughters Brewing in St. Pete, Florida

A classic and a staple, 3 Daughters is one of the largest breweries in the area. It’s size often means there’s something for everyone with an expansive menu including more than 40 rotating taps of beer, cider, hard seltzer, sangria, and NA options. It’s more warehouse than taproom, but that means there’s plenty of room to spread out and the brewery often has events like live music, trivia, or bingo.  

St. Pete Brewing Co.

Colorful exterior of St. Pete Brewing in Florida

This hometown namesake is best known for its goal of providing beer choices that “exemplify the essence of St. Petersburg.” The flavor profiles at St. Pete Brewing Co. focus more on traditional options like ales, wheats, and other European styles, and its signature brews include the Orange Wheat or Banyan Blonde. The taproom has limited outdoor seating but can be a welcome reprieve from the Florida sun, or a cozy escape from an unavoidable rainy day.

Oak & Stone

Wall of beer taps at Oak & Stone in St. Pete, Florida

If you can’t get to all the breweries, Oak & Stone is your one-stop-sample-shop in downtown St. Pete. Known for artisanal pizzas and a self-serve craft beer wall with more than 60 rotating taps, you’ve got options. The tap wall is well-curated with a strong emphasis on St. Pete breweries and other regional favorites, so if you’re crunched for time and can’t get to every brewery on your list, this is a great alternative.

While admittedly that only scratches the surface of brewery options in and around St. Pete, it’s hopefully enough to get you started. If you’re in search of the full list of options, our friends at Visit St. Pete/Clearwater keep an up-to-date list on their website.

Ready to couple beach views with craft brews? Get that St. Pete vacation on the books now.


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