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Ghostly getaways to check out this Halloween

Graveyard in Savannah Georgia

This Halloween, as shadows lengthen and scary stories come to life, some travelers look for an experience beyond the usual candy and costumes. For those enchanted by tales of lingering spirits and historic mysteries, America offers a vast list of haunted locations to explore.So, grab your bravest companions and join us as we take a journey through some of the nation's most haunting destinations.

Haunted harbors of Baltimore, Maryland Baltimore's historic Fells Point mingles maritime tales with spectral sightings. Wander through old taverns, shops, and sense the echoes of bygone eras. Visit Westminster Hall Catacombs, resting place of Edgar Allan Poe, a figure said to still haunt the city.

Hair-Raising Highlight: Dive into the city's haunted heart with a weekend ghost tour at the Admiral Fell Inn, revealing tales and secrets of its past.

Dance with the dead in New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans spooky

In New Orleans, the divide between the past and present seems thin. From above-ground tombs to the haunting allure of the French Quarter, spirits linger around every corner. Seek out Marie Laveau's tomb or join the spirits at Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar.

Hair-Raising Highlight: Nestled in the French Quarter, Hotel Monteleone has tales of its own, with elevator mysteries and the whispers of playful ghosts.

Gothic tales from Savannah, Georgia Savannah, built atop ancient graves, blends Southern charm with mysterious legends. Ghost tours reveal tales from the Colonial Park Cemetery to the infamous past of the Mercer House. Don't miss a chance to visit the Moon River Brewing Company, where spectral patrons might join you for a pint.

Hair-Raising Highlight: The Marshall House, Savannah's first hotel, holds both historic charm and chilling tales of its time as a Civil War hospital.

Delve into the dark tunnels in Portland, Oregon Beneath Portland's streets lie the Shanghai Tunnels, echoing with tales of unsuspecting souls kidnapped and lost to history. Join a Beyond Bizarre Ghost Tour and uncover these hidden stories that lurk below.

Hair-Raising Highlight: The McMenamins' White Eagle Saloon & Rock 'n' Roll Hotel offers tales of the building's checkered past. Local legends suggest that once, its basement tunnels ensnared drunken patrons.

Echoes of the gangster era in Chicago, Illinois Chicago resonates with echoes of its gangster past, from Al Capone's haunts to the chilling site of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Dive into its Prohibition history and maybe encounter some lingering spirits along the way.

Hair-Raising Highlight: The historic Congress Plaza Hotel offers more than just a comfortable bed; it promises whispers and tales of its storied gangster past.

Whispering walls of Chinatown, San Francisco, California

Chinatown in San Francisco at night

San Francisco's Chinatown is steeped in tales of immigrants searching for the Golden Dream, only to be met with hardships. Their stories and spirits linger in the alleyways. Join a ghost tour that winds through gambling houses and shadowy streets.

Hair-Raising Highlight: At the Queen Anne Hotel, guests can experience classic Victorian charm, while perhaps catching a glimpse of Miss Mary, its ever-present spectral guest.

Ready to go on a spine-chilling adventure? Dive deeper into each haunted destination and book your stay at these historically rich locations. Don't just read the legends – experience them. 🎃



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