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From SkyGlider views to freebie fun: Sun Country's memorable moments at the fair!

sun country airlines sponsor 2023 MN state fair skygliders

This year, we showed up at the 2023 Minnesota State Fair in style and brought along some sunshine, fun, and, of course, plenty of giveaways. Here’s a quick run-down of what Sun Country Airlines has been up to at this year’s fair.

The Grand KSTP Giveaway

KSTP giveaway sun country airlines

Visitors at the KSTP booth during the fair can enter for a chance to win four airline tickets, worth up to $2,500, to use to fly to any of our destinations. The lucky winner will be selected on Tuesday, Sept 4.

“I think Minnesotans agree they’ve got to get out of here in the winter or for Spring Break,” said Sr. Director of Communications, Wendy Burt when asked about the different travel destinations. “Cancun is always a popular destination along the Gulf, and we have a new destination this year in Grand Cayman which I hear has a great food scene and this winter, we will also start flying to St. Maarten. It’s very Instagram-worthy!”

A big thank you to our collaborators at KSTP for making this event possible!

Check out KSTP’s full video interview here.

Up in the sky with SkyGlider

This year, we take great pride in sponsoring the SkyGlider, giving fair-goers a unique bird’s-eye view of the fair's festivities. A special thank you to the Sun Country Airlines® Visa Signature® Card for making it all possible.

Sun Country booth extravaganza

Sun Country Airlines booth

Our fantastic crew of employee volunteers brought the party to life on Friday, September 1, engaging with visitors in the most exhilarating way. We gave fair-goers the golden ticket to scan a QR code that could lead to a whopping 10,000 rewards points, plus a whole heap of cool freebies. If you happen to be at the fair today, be on the lookout for folks rocking those stylish plane hats – they're the ultimate fashion statement of the day!

In conclusion, the 2023 Minnesota State Fair isn’t just another event for us – it’s a celebration of our Minnesota roots, our loyal passengers, and our love for bringing a touch of sunshine wherever we go.


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