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From classroom to clouds: Julie's career shift from educator to flight attendant

Meet Julie, a former teacher with over 40 years of experience who took a career jump by becoming a flight attendant. 

Julie's career shift began with a lunchroom conversation with her fellow teachers discussing post-retirement opportunities. One of her colleagues shared the story of a retired pharmacist who became a flight attendant for her retirement job. Inspired by the idea of travel and an adventurous retirement, she explored opportunities in the airline industry.  

Julie decided choosing Sun Country Airlines was a practical move because she is a frequent traveler and lives in Minnesota. Our community initiatives also aligned with her values, and the convenience of staying local and not leaving her hometown sealed the deal. 

Transitioning from education to becoming a flight attendant had its challenges, but Julie swiftly navigated the process. "I applied, interviewed, and was hired in four days' time," she noted. 

The most rewarding aspect? "New bonds of friendship have been a wonderful bonus," Julie shares. She added that the shared passion for flying fostered an environment where everyone, regardless of background, felt valued.

Julie brought with her an invaluable skill: interpersonal communication. According to Julie, treating each person as a fellow human being is crucial for positive connections both in the classroom and in the skies. 

Since joining our team, Julie has found serving on veterans’ Honors Flights to Washington, D.C., particularly touching. "We have the privilege of serving the brave women and men who have served us in the military," Julie said. 

Julie advises those considering a career change, "Look into what is involved in the job to make sure it’s right for you - from flight attendant training to schedules. It has been a wonderful adventure for me!" 

To potential second-career adventurers, consider Sun Country Airlines as your next destination.  

Check out our careers site to learn more.  


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