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Enhance your in-flight experience with AirFi

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Image of a laptop on a Sun Country Airlines plane while reading a magazine on AirFi

We strive to make your journey as enjoyable as possible. With AirFi, our inflight entertainment offering, you can immerse yourself in a world of entertainment and convenience, all at your fingertips.

Entertainment at your command: With AirFi, you have access to a library of movies, shows, games, and music, right from your own personal device. Whether you prefer the latest Hollywood blockbusters, binge-worthy TV series, captivating games, or want to read the Minnesota Travel Guide by Explore Minnesota, AirFi has it all. And the best part? It's completely complimentary!

Stay unplugged: While onboard our flights, we understand that staying connected to the internet is crucial for many travelers. Although our AirFi network does not provide direct internet access, it does offer an impressive array of entertainment options to keep you engaged throughout the flight. Enjoy seamless streaming on your device and let yourself disconnect from the world during your flight.

Power Up Your Devices: Running out of battery can be a nightmare, especially when you're mid-flight and engrossed in a captivating movie or halfway through an exciting game. Flying on us, this won’t be an issue. Most seats on our aircraft are equipped with USB charging ports, ensuring that your smartphone or tablet remains powered up throughout your journey. Need a bit more juice? Our Best seats offer standard AC power outlets, allowing you to plug in your devices and enjoy uninterrupted entertainment without worrying about battery life.

So, sit back, relax, and let AirFi keep you entertained while we get you safely to your destination.


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