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Discover your next adventure: 10 new nonstop routes from Minneapolis/St. Paul this summer

Women reading a map outdoors near a body of water

Summer is on the horizon, and we're thrilled to servicing 10 brand-new nonstop routes departing from Minneapolis/St. Paul, designed for the ultimate adventure seekers. 

From captivating cities in Canada to coast-to-coast journeys across the U.S., our extended lineup promises new opportunities for exploration. Let's dive into the destinations awaiting your discovery this summer: 

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Set on an island in the Saint Lawrence River, Montreal is the largest city in Canada’s province of Quebec. The city promises unforgettable adventure for travelers seeking a blend of history, culture, and the chance to savor its unique European charm without leaving North America.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Billings, Montana

Boise, Idaho

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Missoula, Montana

Oakland, California

Syracuse, New York

Washington, D.C.(via Dulles International Airport)

Now that we've shared all the new places you can jet off to this summer, all that's left is for you to pick your favorite. Get To Going.  


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