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Creating connections: Kristen’s journey to Customer Service Training Manager

Kristen Customer Service Training Manager

In the world of aviation, every job and employee matters. Whether it's our ramp agents, flight attendants, or marketing team, each of our employees equally contributes to our success. Our customer service folks are no exception—they're the voice of our airline, making sure every traveler feels taken care of. We're highlighting one of our fantastic Customer Service Training Managers, Kristen, and sharing how she's making a difference, one passenger experience at a time.  

Kristen's story in the airline industry started when she was 13 and took her first flight to Honolulu. After that trip, she set her sights on becoming a flight attendant. After graduating high school, she wasted no time and enrolled in a travel academy, studying the travel industry and hospitality. She landed a job as a flight attendant for a Minnesota charter airline. Unfortunately, the tragic events of 9/11 sent shockwaves through the industry, pushing Kristen to explore other career paths.

Despite career detours into banking customer service and pre-nursing, Kristen's desired career path remained in travel. In 2009, Kristen started at Sun Country as a reservations agent. This role perfectly blended her passion for travel and her time in customer service.

"One memorable experience from my time working as a reservation agent that left a lasting impression on me was the opportunity to make a positive impact with customers facing unexpected or emergency situations," Kristen recalls. "I found great satisfaction in stepping in to provide comfort and a quick resolution by creating a positive customer experience despite their circumstances. I challenged myself with each difficult call to make their day brighter." 

Transitioning into her current role as Training Manager, Kristen finds fulfillment in fostering the growth and development of her team.  

"Making a positive impact on an employee's professional journey is incredibly fulfilling,” Kristen said. “Additionally, fostering a safe learning environment where employees feel comfortable seeking new knowledge and skills is a priority for me, and it's another rewarding aspect of the role."  

Kristen at Sun Country Airlines 2023 Airplane Pull with her team
Kristen at Sun Country Airlines 2023 Airplane Pull with her team

Another rewarding aspect of working here includes taking advantage of our flight benefits. When asked about what destination or experience has been the most memorable, she said, "Exploring the Pacific Northwest has been the most memorable for me. I love the mountains, evergreens, and coastal town beaches. Some of my favorite places include Cannon Beach, exploring the Oregon Film Trail, visiting the San Juan Islands, shopping at Pike Place Market, and hiking up the Columbia River Gorge, which offers breathtaking views of waterfalls at every stop, including Multnomah Falls. There's always something new to explore, making it a destination with something for everyone."  

Kristen with a colleague at MSP’s T2
Kristen with a colleague at MSP T2 Airport

For Kristen, success in the airline industry boils down to exceptional customer service, adaptability, and connecting with colleagues. "In the airline industry, the ability to provide exceptional customer service is paramount," she emphasizes. "Being friendly, approachable, and empathetic towards passengers' needs is crucial, along with a genuine desire to exceed their expectations. Treating colleagues with the same level of service is also important."  

To those looking to advance their careers within the customer service team, Kristen offers this advice: "Don't hesitate to volunteer for projects or new initiatives aligned with your goals. Embracing new challenges helps you develop skills and showcases your initiatives. Additionally, communicate your aspirations and goals to your manager for support in your career pathing."  

Looking for a new career path? Check out our open positions below.   


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