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Celebrating 40 Years of Sun Country Airlines

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Image of Sun Country Airlines 40-year anniversary
Celebrating 40 years with Sun Country's founder and former CEO, Jim Olsen.

This past Friday, we turned 40! To celebrate, we held a party at the MSP Terminal 2 airport for all of our departing flights to Las Vegas, which happened to be the destination of our first-ever flight 40 years ago. Funny enough, the flight numbers even matched – good ol’ SY103.

Check out the other ways we celebrated:

  • We kicked off our celebration by placing decals on all of our new livery planes. Check out the video here.

  • In September 2022, we unveiled our new livery decal, with a special guest appearance by our founder and former CEO, Jim Olsen.

There are many reasons to be thankful for such a momentous accomplishment to make it to 40 years, but most of all we'd like to thank our employees. Without our loyal, hardworking, and passionate employees, we never would have made it to 40. Cheers to a wonderful celebration, our spectacular employees, and to many more years of flight ahead of us.


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