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Catch a flight and enjoy a flight in one of the best beer cities on our route map

Prost! It’s time to throw on your dirndl or lederhosen. Around the globe, beer fans are celebrating because Oktoberfest is in full swing. Join the fun and take a Sun Country flight so you can drink a flight at your favorite breweries across the United States.

Beer cheers at Deschutes

We might be biased, but the craft beer scene in the Twin Cities is out of this world. That’s why we’re starting out by highlighting some of our favorite local breweries to check out when you come to visit. We've thoroughly researched the beer scenes in each of these cities, ensuring you have the best information when you fly with us.

There are so many craft beer options in and around the Twin Cities, but our favorite has to be Fulton Brewing. Fulton holds a special place in our heart not only because it’s served on all Sun Country flights, but because they make really, really, good beer. The Lonely Blonde American Blonde Ale and Sweet Child of Vine IPA are two classic Fulton beers and our two favorites.

Honorable mention breweries in Minneapolis/St. Paul: Fair State Brewing Cooperative, Surly Brewing, Pryes Brewing Company, and Bauhaus Brew Labs.

Our stately neighbor to the east, Wisconsin, also has a fantastic beer scene, specifically in Milwaukee. One of the best things about traveling from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport to Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport is the short flight meaning more time to explore all the breweries Milwaukee has to offer. Broken Bat Brewing Co. and Good City Brewing take our top two spots.

Honorable mention breweries in Milwaukee: Lakefront Brewery, and Milwaukee Brewing Co.

The flight from Minneapolis/St. Paul to Portland International Airport isn’t as quick as the one from and to Milwaukee, but it’s worth it if you’re a beer lover. The Portland beer scene is as unique as the show Portlandia. The most well-known Portland-based brewery might be Deschutes Brewery, but our must-visit is the cozy, Steeplejack Brewing Co. In addition to Steeplejack, craft beer fanatics will love Von Ebert Brewing.

Honorable mention breweries in Portland: Wayfinder, Gigantic Brewing Company, and Breakside Brewery.

Asheville carries a lofty beer legacy with it and beer connoisseurs believe the high-quality ales come from the clean, fresh water flowing down from the mountains of the Pisgah National Forest. Highland Brewing is by far the gold standard in Asheville and is a must visit. Hi-Wire Brewing is another local favorite and perfect for sour lovers.

Honorable mention breweries in Asheville: DSSOLVR, Asheville Brewing Company, and Burial Beer Co.

Beaches and beer—what more could you want? San Diego offers both in abundance. Every beer fan visiting San Diego should visit Ballast Point. It’s a classic San Diego brewery with a storied past. The other favorite is Societe Brewing Company, the rally cry says it all, “beer folk unite!”

Honorable mention breweries in San Diego: North Park Beer Co., Burgeon Beer Company, and Modern Times.

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