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Bringing STEM to life in STARBASE classrooms

Cole teaching STARBASE MN kids about his role at Sun Country Airlines

At a recent "STEM at Work" event hosted by our partners at STARBASE MN, a couple of our employees took on the role of educator, and provided students with real world, hands-on demonstrations to explore the world of aviation. 

Among the volunteers was Cole, Senior Manager of the Airport Command Center, who shared insights into his role and engaged students by demonstrating the importance of proper luggage distribution for flight balance. Cole showed students how meticulous planning and the application of STEM ensures the safety and efficiency of air travel. 

(Pictured on the left, Cole, Senior Manager of the Airport Command Center; Pictured on the right, Casey, Maintenance Trainer)

Additionally, students were able to meet Casey, one of our maintenance trainers, who explained the basics of engine function and how maintenance professionals utilize endoscopes to inspect engine components for potential damage and wear. Students were then able to use their own endoscopes to search for items in a dark box, helping them understand how these instruments are used to explore small, hard to reach spaces.  

Casey teaching STARBASE MN kids about endoscopes

By connecting students with real-world examples, we're able to emphasize the critical role of STEM in ensuring safety and reliability of aircraft. And hopefully, inspire the next generation to pursue careers in aviation. 

Since 1993, STARBASE has provided over 70,000 local students with STEM experiences they may not receive in a standard classroom. To learn more about their work, visit their website: 


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