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Best seats in the sky: A guide to our seating options

Airplane seats

You'll want to buckle in for this one; we're here to give you a roundup of our seat options to help you select the best spot for your next trip with us! So, sit back and relax.

Seats visual map

Best seat:

best seats with extra legroom

The title says it all. These are our "best seats" available on every flight. Why, you might ask, are these better than the rest? For starters, when riding in the best seat, you can enjoy one complimentary premium beverage per guest while enjoying extra legroom. Our best seats also give you the chance to charge your device using a full AC power outlet, not just a USB port. Plus, they come with the added benefit of being some of the first folks off the plane when it lands.

Exit row seat:

usb charging port on plane

Our exit row seats have a few perks, such as that extra legroom we all love. Along with the extra room comes extra responsibility. If you select these seats (or are randomly assigned to sit in one), you will be asked to help in case of an emergency. Rest assured, our incredible flight attendants will guide you through everything you need to know.  

Standard seat:

inside of aircraft

Our standard seats are anything but basic. With full-sized tray tables, priority boarding perks, and comfortable seating far from cushion-less, these seats are a great value. Plus, enjoy charging ports and in-flight entertainment to keep you connected and entertained throughout your journey.  

Want to make sure you get the seat you want? Select your seat when you book your flight or as early as possible to ensure you get the perfect spot before they sell out. 

Ready to secure your seat? Book now! Get To Going.   


Already have a trip booked and need to make that seat selection? Or maybe you want to make sure your whole family is seated together? Manage your trip on our website! 


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