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30 Years of service: Celebrating Donn on International Flight Attendant Day

In honor of International Flight Attendant Day this year, we're spotlighting Donn who’s been a fantastic flight attendant for us for 30 years.  

Before joining our crew, Donn worked in retail management across the Twin Cities. However, his longing for adventure and a desire to travel pushed him to land in the airline industry.  "I wanted to travel. I wanted to see more of the country and other countries and work in aviation," Donn shares, reflecting on his decision to join our team.  

Now after three decades with us, Donn is a seasoned pro at ensuring passengers feel comfortable and well-cared for during their flights. "By observing and watching the flow of how everything is working on the airplane...not just with service, but with crew communication. If there's a delay and you have passengers on board, it's important to communicate with the passengers. They feel like they're a part of the process and know they are informed about what's going on," Donn shared.  

But it's not just about the logistics for Donn; it's about the connections he makes with passengers that leave a lasting impression. "Part of what I really enjoy is our passengers and being a part of their celebrations, whether it be a wedding or an honor flight."   

Along with passenger care, teamwork is at the heart of every successful flight, and Donn knows its importance well. "Teamwork is critical," he emphasizes, "when you show up {for your shift} and you go to the gate, you'll get your briefing from your captain. All of these things are absolutely vital to the flow of how the day is going to go."   

Donn smiling at a camera in a Sun Country Airlines plane

As we celebrate International Flight Attendant Day, Donn's story is a testament to the qualities of camaraderie and dedication that you can find in flight attendants across the globe. "Anybody who gets into this career is going to know somebody in their circle of friends or relatives that work at another airline. It doesn't matter what airline you work with or what part of the country you work for; we're a unique group of special people. I'm proud to be a part of this company and work with these flight attendants."  

Here's to Donn and to all our flight attendants, whose unwavering commitment and passion make every journey memorable. 

If you're interested in learning more about careers with us, head over to our LinkedIn page to discover how you can join our team. 


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